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Breakfast is important!

Breakfast is important!

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Your sparrow dips his lips into his bowl of milk, swallows two crumbs of cereal, without enthusiasm. How to give him the taste of breakfast?

  • Many children skip breakfast because they are not yet hungry or lack of time. However, after a night's sleep, and therefore fasting, your child needs to rehydrate his body and recharge his batteries to spend the morning until lunch without being tired ... and even being in great shape.

Breakfast, a meal that does not count for butter

  • Take a solid breakfast, and this every day of the year, is one of the first rules for a balanced diet (this is valid also for adults). This first meal of the day should represent 25% of the total daily energy intake. Hard to ignore!
  • For small refractories, the consequences are well known: they are more tired, less efficient, tend to nibble, and have a higher body size than their peers.

Breakfast: what to give him?

A balanced breakfast must have at least two essential elements:

  • A dairy product which provides both the protein needed to build tissue and calcium, which is essential for good bone health. For children aged 2-3 years, growth milk is the most appropriate drink.
  • A cereal product (or a slow sugar), which brings energy-rich carbohydrates and keeps you going until lunchtime: you can give it in the form of cereals to introduce into the milk, crackers, or just slices of bread. You can, of course, offer him a fruit (or fruit juice) for its richness in vitamins and fiber.

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