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The adventures of Super Nanny

The adventures of Super Nanny

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Patrick, in his fifties, is a maternal assistant. The kids in the neighborhood have fondly dubbed him Super Nounou because he's as friendly as benevolent, funny and cautious. Discover the chronicles of his adventures. the opportunity to enter the heart of a maternal assistant ...

Super Nanny, episode 1: The time of the return

Today, the holidays over, Patrick, our Super Nanny, looks forward to the return of "his children" ... Sam, Tristan and Chloe. Let's find it!

Meet Super Nanny.

Super Nanny, episode 2: Anniv'eveil

In the first episode, we met Patrick, a maternal assistant. Today, with Sam and Tristan, he will celebrate Chloe's birthday. Event !

What a party at Super Nanny!

Super Nanny, episode 3: Bambi is here!

Chloe will join kindergarten and leave the small troupe of Super Nanny. Today, we find Patrick, maternal assistant, who welcomes Bambi, the little news.

Welcome Bambi.

Super Nanny, episode 4: The pot? Each turn

Today, Patrick, our Super Nanny, welcomes a guest of honor: the pot of Tristan. How will the children react? And their moms? Quickly discover our episode of the day.

The pot, what an adventure!

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