The names of the autumn

The names of the autumn

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Charles as the great Charlemagne, but also Julie as the first woman to have had his Bac or Maria for the one who is at the origin of the Montessori method ... we make a small tour of these names who made the school?

Karine Ancelet

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The names of the school year (20 photos)


... like the "great Charles" Charles I, said Charlemagne
Impossible to miss this good emperor with a flowery beard because he owes the school ... Finally, to restore the truth, the school already existed since ancient times! During his reign (800-814), he who could neither read nor write, participated in its development. He founded a school in his palace and created schools in parishes and monasteries.
The name Charles comes from the Germanic "karl", which means masculine, masculine. His birthday: November 4th.


... as Jules Ferry
Considered the promoter of the "free and compulsory public school" with his law of 1882, this politician (1832-1893) gave his name to many schools in France.
The name Jules comes from the Roman "oulos", which means whole, in the natural state. His party on April 12th.

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... like Louise Michel
This passionate teacher (1830-1905) militant and feminist refused to swear an oath to the Empire and opened mixed free schools in Haute-Marne before settling in Paris.
The name Louise comes from the Germanic "hlod", illustrious, and "wig", fighter. A sign for this activist?

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... like Camille Sée
This French politician (1876-1881) was at the initiative of a law bearing his name which instituted in 1880 public colleges and high schools of girls.
The name Camille, mixed, comes from the Latin "camillus" meaning messenger, noble child. The word camilli meant the young Romans who assisted the high priest during the sacrifices. It was first attributed to boys, but soon spread to girls. His birthday: July 14th.

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... as Nicolas de Condorcet
Long before Jules Ferry, in 1792, Nicolas de Condorcet (1743-1794) presented to the National Legislative Assembly a report providing for secularism and free schools.
The name Nicolas comes from the Greek "nikê", victory, and "laos", people. His birthday: December 6th.

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... as Paul Bert
A politician of the nineteenth century (1833-1886), Paul Bert is often considered, along with Jules Ferry, as one of the founders of the secular and republican school. He also campaigned for the education of young girls.
The name Paul comes from the Latin "paulus", small. His birthday: June 29th.


... as Maria Montessori
At the beginning of the 20th century, this woman doctor of Italian origin (1870-1952) gave birth to the famous pedagogy bearing her name Montessori. His goal is to cultivate the desire and pleasure of learning and perfecting the child's natural learning skills and tools. Will your little schoolboy be independent?
The name Maria is a derivative of Myriam, an ancient form of Mary. His birthday: August 15th.


... like Jean Zay, Jean Berthoin or Jean Macé
It was the reform bearing the name of the law Jean Zay which, in 1936, lengthened the duration of the schooling to make it obligatory until 14 years. In 1959, the Berthoin law made her to 16 years ... As Jean Macé, teacher and politician, he fought for the establishment of a free, compulsory and secular school.
The name John is the derivative of Yehohanan which means "God has given grace". His birthday: December 27th.

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... like Ovide Decroly
This Belgian pedagogue and psychologist (1871-1932) participated in the movement of the new education and is at the origin of the so-called "global method" of reading and writing, so much criticized.
The name Ovid comes from the Latin Ovidius, a Roman surname. It is also the name of a famous Latin poet. Do you like his retro side?


... as Pauline Kergomard
Considered as the inventor of the nursery school in the late nineteenth century, this teacher (1838-1925) introduced to school the game, which she considered educational, and artistic and sports activities.
The name Pauline is a derivative of Paule, from the Latin "paulus", which means small. His birthday: January 26th.


... as René Haby
It is thanks to the Haby law of 1975 that school diversity is now compulsory. It is also the reform bearing the name of this politician (1919-2003) who has, among other things, defined the primary school as the first stage of the French education system and established the principle of the single college for all students.
The name Rene comes from the Latin "renatus", which means born a second time (by baptism). His birthday: October 19th.


... as Marie Pape-Carpantier
This pedagogue and feminist nineteenth century renovated the teaching of early childhood and was the pioneer of pre-elementary education in France.
The name Mary comes from the Hebrew word "myriam" and means the one who raises. His birthday: August 15th.

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... as François Guizot
In 1833, it was the Guizot law that provided for the compulsory opening of a boys' school per commune of more than 500 inhabitants and the opening of a teacher training college by department.
The name François comes from the Germanic "franck" which means brave. His birthday: October 4th or January 24th.

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... like Julie Daubié, the first graduate to graduate in 1861.
The name Julie comes as Jules from the Latin "oulos", meaning integer, in the natural state. His birthday: April 8th.

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... as Ferdinand Buisson
Educator, philosopher and politician (1841-1932), Ferdinand Buisson is known for his fight for secular education and for founding the League of Human Rights. A humanist future, your little wolf?
The name Ferdinand is composed of the Germanic words "frid" and "nand", which mean respectively peace and boldness. His birthday: May 30th.

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... as Victor Duruy
It is the law bearing the name of this politician (1811-1894) who, in 1867, officially organized the female primary education.
The name Victor comes from the Latin "victor," which means the winner. His birthday: July 21st.

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... as Célestin Freinet
This French teacher and pedagogue (1896-1966) remained famous for the original pedagogy he developed, based on the free expression of children.
The name Célestin comes from the Latin "cælestis", which means celestial. His feast: April 6 for Pope Celestine 1st or May 19 for Pope Celestine V.

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... as Lionel Jospin
This former politician is at the origin of the law of orientation on education of July 10, 1989, a capital law in the French education for which the pupil is considered as an actor of his orientation, which must be noted of a personal choice and not a choice undergone.
The name Lionel comes from the Latin "leonellus", which means little lion. In the Middle Ages, lionel, lionnet and lionneau forms were found as synonymous with cubs.

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... as Louis-Joseph Charlier
It was to the deputy Louis-Joseph Charlier (1754-1797) that we owe for the first time, in 1793, the idea of ​​compulsory, laic and free primary education.
Compound first name, Louis-Joseph comes from the former German "lods", illustrious, and "wig", fighter, and from the Hebrew "Yoseph", God will add (a son). His birthday: August 25th with Louis or March 19th. with Joseph.


... like Alfred de Falloux
This historian and French politician (1811-1886) is at the origin of a law bearing his name, which demanded in 1850 the opening of a school for girls in the communes of more than 800 inhabitants.
The name Alfred is of Germanic origin, "all" and "fried" meaning everything and peace, coupled with an Anglo-Saxon origin ("alfe": elf, and "rath": council) meaning the elf counselor.

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