The Three Little Pigs and the Gingerbread Man

The Three Little Pigs and the Gingerbread Man

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One night, Mother Pig makes cakes for her three little ones. Unfortunately, to taste them, they will have to wait until the next day. During the night, really strange things will take place in the kitchen ... The cakes will come alive and they will want to have fun like crazy!

See the characters familiar with traditional tales, which come to life in "The Little Three Pigs", videos where Igor, Fédor and Nestor make wonderful encounters, in the enchanted forest where they live with their parents.

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Texts and illustrations: Michel Van Zeveren. Sound studio: Scopitone. Voice: Martial the Minoux. Musical composition: Gilles Relisieux. Animation and video editing: Studio Togi. Studio Bayard Press - Adaptation of Beautiful Stories, 2016.

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