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The Rakim Treasure One-Eyed: Episode 2

The Rakim Treasure One-Eyed: Episode 2

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Want to know the continuation of the story started yesterday? What is there on the yellowed piece of paper found by Bastien, the pirate fan? It's time to find out.

  • On paper, there are drawings. Bastien tries to understand: "This is a moon, all round, then there is a rock ... Here, it looks like the rock of the Bear!" And then three steps ... And then there is a treasure, and in down ... "
  • Bastien exclaims: " But that's the face of Rakim one-eyed! I already saw it on pictures! And that is surely the map of his treasure! So he existed in real life! Wow! I'll find it alone, the treasure! Ah, Grandpa will see if I'm too small! "
  • Coming back from the beach, Bastien goes to see his grandpa who repairs a shutter. He asked him : " Say, Grandpa when will the moon be all round? "
  • Grandpa looks at him astonished: "In ten days, why do you want to know that?" But Bastien has already left.
  • The last ten days have passed. This evening, finally, the moon is all round, exactly as on the map of Rakim le Borgne. As soon as Grandpa turns off the light, Bastien gets up. He puts on his boots and he takes his shovel. The night does not scare him because the moon shines as in daylight.
  • Bastien runs to Bear Rock and he thinks: " I'm going to take three steps from the rock, like on the map, and there, I'll dig ... "
  • But when Bastien arrives at Bear Rock, there is plenty of water all around! It's high tide ! Bastien can not take three steps, he can not dig either! Bastien is very disappointed. He screams " It's missed, missed, arch-missed! "And he really wants to cry.
  • Back in bed, Bastien has a horrible nightmare: One-eyed Rakim attacks him with a sword! In the morning, Bastien wakes up early. The moon is still there.
  • Bastien leaves without sound of the house. He takes his shovel at random and returns to the rock of the Bear. There he does not believe his eyes: there is no more water around the rock! The sea has withdrawn. Far. Far far away… It's low tide!

Discover more ... and the end of this story.

A story written by Christine Hanon, illustrated by Pierre Denieuil, published in the magazine Belles Histoires, Bayard jeunesse.