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Sore throat and fever: what if baby had white angina?

Sore throat and fever: what if baby had white angina?

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White angina or erythemato-pultaceous angina is relatively common in infants and young children. Most of the time, it is a completely benign infection, so much so that the treatment often consists in relieving its symptoms while waiting for its cure.

Baby white angina: possible causes

  • Angina is characterized by inflammation of the throat: it usually affects the tonsils and / or the pharynx. In the vast majority of cases, white baby angina is of viral origin. The same can be said of red angina ... It happens also, but this is relatively rare in babies, that white or red angina is of bacterial origin (eg strep throat). It then requires a particular treatment. Good to know : after 3 years, bacterial tonsillitis becomes more common.

What are the symptoms of white angina in babies?

  • In case of white angina, you can see a kind of whitish veil or white spots in the back of the baby's throat. Baby can also seem grumpy, have a fever, swallow hard because of his sore throat or even "sulk" breastfeeding ...
  • In the case of viral white tinea, baby also has cold symptoms (eg, runny nose, sneezing).
  • In the rare cases of bacterial angina, cold symptoms are usually absent. On the other hand, you can observe more or less swollen glands on the baby's neck. Fever also tends to occur more suddenly than for viral angina.

White baby angina: when to consult?

  • Even though white baby angina is minor most of the time, it is recommended to always consult a pediatrician as a precaution. On the one hand, to make sure that baby is suffering from angina and not from another disease. On the other hand, to avoid "missing out" of bacterial white angina: the latter must be treated to prevent any complications.

How to treat white baby angina?

  • Viral white-throat usually requires only symptomatic management. This is mainly to lower the baby fever and relieve his sore throat: typically, the pediatrician prescribed paracetamol. Depending on the exact age of the baby, he may also prescribe a syrup or spray to relieve his throat.
  • From 1 year, you can also try to give him some honey.
  • If your baby also has a stuffy nose, use pods of saline to de-clutter.
  • It must also be ensured that it does not become dehydrated because of fever: think oral rehydration solutions (ORS) available in pharmacies.
  • With these measures, viral white sore throat should heal quickly enough: it disappears on average in 5-6 days. As for the rare bacterial white sore throats, they require an antibiotic treatment for a few days, in parallel with the measures taken to avoid dehydration and relieve the symptoms.