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Motion sickness: mint, homeopathic ... nature remedies

Motion sickness: mint, homeopathic ... nature remedies

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On the road, in flight or boat, the nausea and their procession of inconveniences are often at the rendezvous. Phytotherapy, homeopathy, massage or nutrition ... try these 4 natural and effective remedies for a fit landing.

Motion sickness: the nutrition reflex

When traveling, transit tends to slow down or accelerate. It is therefore essential to eat healthy and hydrate regularly. Our advices :

  • Among the fruits, favor the apple, digestive and antibacterial.
  • Also think of apricot : fresh and well ripe, he stops the diarrhea. Conversely, dry, it is laxative.
  • Vegetable side the carrot is the "best friend of the intestine". In soup, mashed, cooked or raw, it will help your child to digest well.
  • Before leaving, avoid giving him orange juice, hot or cold chocolate, which can trigger nausea.
  • During the tripban all soft drinks, chips, burgers, french fries, anything that is too fat, too salty and that causes bloating and bad digestion.
  • Be aware that the sitting position tends to constipate. An orange juice the next morning will help your little traveler get back on the road.


Before departure, think of grating pieces of apple to fill any small holes that your child may feel during the trip.

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