Marriage, Pacs, concubinage ... what does it change?

Marriage, Pacs, concubinage ... what does it change?

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Even young and in love, dive into the right! Some steps are enough to secure your children, your spouse or yourself in case of breakage or death. Marriage, Pacs, concubinage ... the turn of your questions with Stéphane Adler, notary.

The wedding

Every year, around 250,000 couples unite for better and for worse. If this is part of your plans, are you sure you know your rights and duties as a spouse? The turn of your questions with Stéphane Adler, notary.

Marriage, instructions.


Neither married, nor pacsés, you live under the same roof as your companion, you are thus concubins. You have no legal obligation to help or assist each other. You freely determine the organization of your life together. The round of your questions.

Concubinage, what difference?

The Pacs

The civil solidarity pact is popular among young couples who see it as a less important commitment than marriage and a more protective environment than concubinage. But this contract is not trivial. It allows you to organize the modalities of your life together, material assistance and mutual assistance that you must provide. The round of your questions.

The Pacs, how to use.

TIP +: It's important to ask yourself the right questions before you face a problem

Whether married, cohabiting or cohabiting, do couples know enough about their rights when they sign up?

Stéphane Adler: No. At the moment, they love each other, marry or pacify themselves without thinking of what would happen in case of separation. They only ask themselves the right questions when faced with a problem. It's human, we do all that. However, being well informed makes it possible not to be left without the reality of the legal situation. Some married couples without a contract think for example that by buying an apartment with their income, this property belongs to them alone, but it is the property of both spouses. False ideas are numerous in legal matters. This is why you should not hesitate to ask your questions to a notary.

What advice would you give to a couple who is getting married?

HER. : Write a marriage contract. This has a cost, but it is essential. Today, you know what you do professionally, but in fifteen years? Maybe you want to start a company or a risky activity? Today you have to think about protecting the family that you may have tomorrow. If you opt for the separation of property, which certainly does not respond to the very idea of ​​marriage, it will allow you to protect your couple in case of financial difficulties.

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