Nathalie Gettliffe: "I'm fighting to get my children back"

Nathalie Gettliffe: "I'm fighting to get my children back"

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Condemned for abducting her children from her sectarian Canadian husband, Nathalie Gettliffe now lives in Ardèche with her two young sons, the last of whom was born in prison. She tells us her story.

  • When I meet my ex-husband in France, I'm 16 years old. He runs a restaurant in Vancouver, Canada. We get married in 1989, I'm 18 years old. I join him there and I start studying archeology. Maximilian was born in 1993 and Joséphine two years later. In the meantime, my husband buys the restaurant, but business is bad and he changes jobs. I take care of the children. We are stressed by financial worries. I decide to go back to school to become a teacher.

The shadow of the sect

  • "My husband feels lost. People who are evangelizing in the streets ask him to come to church. I am neither for nor against, I see that he needs it in this difficult phase. With children, we go there from time to time. This Church is considered a sect in France, not in Canada. But that, I do not know. In Canada, churches are everywhere. But quickly, I do not understand what is happening. I see people coming home to study the Bible. Once a week, then two, three ...

Baptism, guru ... immersion begins

  • "We are on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. My husband is immersed in the water with white clothes. He is no longer the same person. I'm told, "Your husband was not a good person. It was a big mouth, an egotist. Now he is saved. "After this baptism he has responsibilities. He has to take the children to an extra mass on Wednesday. He becomes a robot. He repeats litanies. In the evening he tries to convert me. He is pointing and does not want to hear my arguments. I learn that he has a guru and he can not discuss with me without having, beforehand, spoken to his "referent".

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