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Drowning: what to do?

Drowning: what to do?

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Summer is a good time for drowning! One in two drownings occurs between June and September. To avoid them, it is important to respect the elementary rules of prudence ... but also to know the good gestures in front of a drowning child.

Drowning: Watch out for panic

  • The seriousness of a drowning is due to the delay of the discovery, and the initial, frequent panic, which prevents the entourage from immediately carrying out the saving gestures. But know that the battle of drowning is happening on the ground. Also, from the repêchage, begin the first relief gestures and do not relax your efforts until the arrival of help (Samu or firefighters).
  • If you are in the presence of a drowning person, take them out of the water as quickly as possible and, depending on their condition, begin the rescue actions. Several situations may arise.

Rescue gestures while waiting for help

  • The child is conscious and breathes spontaneously: take off his clothes, dry him energetically without rubbing, then cover him with a blanket to warm him up by laying him on his side. A medical consultation will be necessary.
  • The child is unconscious and does not breathe or very irregularly, but with an effective heart (you perceive the beats well), he is pale or cyanotic: put it on your stomach with your head on your side and three or four times in your back and kidneys before turning it on your back to eliminate the maximum amount of water you have swallowed or inhaled. While waiting for the emergency relay, start word-of-mouth.
  • The child is in a coma and cardiopulmonary arrest: have the same attitude by always associating an external cardiac massage until help arrives.