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We sing with Abel

We sing with Abel

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Abel, it is this musician full of energy that makes "swing" toddlers from 3 years. With his disc "Chocobelou", or "cha cha cha ...".

  • He has a way of pronouncing words, Abel, especially when the sound or the idea sounds funny, straight out of the world of childhood. With him we gladly take a "little piece of chocobelou, hum yum yum yum". And then we feel stronger, because rhymes, well balanced, come in reinforcement: "Anyway you do not make me afraid, stop doing your commander." No, but!Waddle, scrounge or curl up in a ball ... before falling into the arms of Morpheus! Abel, songwriter, unrivaled drummer, alternates atmospheres. Rock, jazz, samba, reggae, cha-cha-cha ... your toddler will learn a variety of rhythms. By the way, learn in passing that in pedagogy he knows it because at his hours he travels the schools to teach musical awakening. In his last album that comes out this weekend, he makes succeed songs that move and those who reassure when, shh, sweet, he whispers: "Sleep baby sleep still ..."

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