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We discover Steve Waring

We discover Steve Waring

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Steve Waring is one of the greatest singers for children and funny too. With the reissue of the disc Mâcheur de mots, he offers small ears gourmet songs ...

Who is Steve Waring?

  • An American who has lived in France for 30 years and composes songs called "naive" on the borders of jazz, blues and folksong. Perhaps you know his greatest success: The cat comes back, the irresistible story of this devilish owner Thomson, the old farmer, who wants to get rid of any cost of his cat ... He does everything to him, sends him to Cape Kennedy, but each time "the cat comes back the next day!" So much for the humor. Steve Waring does not hesitate to mix with his music sounds, snaps of mouths and other bizarre noises.

And now, what's he singing to us?

  • Word monger, it's the title of the re-released album. 14 songs about the pleasure of eating are there. And this pleasure obviously goes through mouth sounds and word games. Beware that an appetizing word does not remain stuck in the throat ...
  • D! S 5 years old.
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