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We paint thanks to nature!

We paint thanks to nature!

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Painted with earth, nut husk, egg yolks or flowers ... We mix, we stir. We enjoy the summer and be outdoors to experiment with our children.

We paint with earth!

  • Equipment : a fine sieve, a little earth, egg yolk, a brush, a Canson leaf or pebbles ...
  • The experience: sift the earth finely. Help your toddler separate the egg yolk and, in a bowl, mix some of this soil with the yolk. This is your painting ready for all media like beautiful pebbles picked on the beach. You just have to add eyes, mouth ... exciting and easy! Do you want a lighter color? Add crushed white chalk. Darker ? Crushed charcoal.

Where to find other ideas of plant paintings?

  • In this beautiful book entitled Vegetable paints with children. It's a book for artists moms or dads, grandparents who take the time, for all those who have the taste of experiences and nature. We learn how to create pink paint with beetroot, brown and golden yellow with tea ...
  • Editions La Plage, 19,90 €.

Agnes Barboux

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