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Shellfish fishing: caution!

Shellfish fishing: caution!

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Holidays by the sea are often synonymous with shellfish fishing with the family. On this occasion, the General Directorate of Health recalls the precautions to be taken before consumption, especially for pregnant women and young children.

In order to make the most of the pleasure of shellfish fishing, the General Directorate of Health recalls some precautions of use

Is the site safe?

  • Ask about the quality of the site near the town hall.
  • Respect temporary bans or permanent fixed by municipal or prefectural decrees that may affect all categories of zone.

What shells to pick up?

  • Collect only live specimens and in good condition.
  • Eliminate seashells whose shell is chipped or open and those whose smell is suspect.
  • During the pickup, wash them and refresh them with sea water.

How to consume them?

  • Wash the shell carefullys you have harvested.
  • Keep them alive until they are prepared by placing them in the refrigerator (maximum 4 ° C) and consume them during the day.
  • Whatever the way of culinary preparationshellfish from a contaminated area should not be consumed. Cooking shellfish does not eliminate all risks including those related to phytoplankton toxins.

Seashells, pregnant women and young children ...

The Directorate General of Health recalls that the consumption of shellfish harvested by recreational fishing is not recommended for pregnant women (risk of listeriosis) and young children, because of their weak immune defenses. In case of intoxication, they would be more strongly affected.

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