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First vocalizations

First vocalizations

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From 4 months, your baby enters a new era of language: vocalizations! A touching moment and full of questions for you, parents. But what does he want to tell you? Decoding.

About 4-5 months ... what he tells you

  • Your baby starts his first vocalises. You are now entitled to "ahahaha" in all shades! Your linguist apprentice conducts his little experiments, compares bass and treble, shrieks to whispers. He trains.
  • He proves… that he has just achieved two great conquests: the control of his larynx, as well as that of his breathing. As a result, he can modulate the sounds and vary the intensity of the air flow that he releases. That explains his rich and varied productions!

Around 4-5 months ... what he hears

  • Victory, he recognizes his name ! And when he hears a sentence in which a break is taken at an inappropriate place, your baby is surprised. He prefers a sentence with a normal rhythm. If we talk about a little dog eating his soup, no question of stopping between "little" and "dog" ...
  • He proves… that he is very attached to the prosodic structure (the rhythm, the tone ...) of the sentence. It is thanks to the intonations and the global melody of a speech, that he spots the quirks. As if he had a prescience of good cuttings. Would he have an innate sense of grammar, your little genius?

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