Name Abdoullah - Meaning and Origin

Name Abdoullah - Meaning and Origin

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Origin of first name:

Africans, Arabs

Meaning of the name:

Variation of Abdullah, Abdullah means "servant of God".


No Abdullah is famous so far. Your little wonder, perhaps?

Among the celebrities named Abdullah, derived from Abdullah, are Turkish politician Abdullah Gul, Turkish footballer and coach Abdullah Ercan, Saudi footballer Abdullah Zubromawi, Jordanian economist Abdullah Ensour, Emirati international footballer Abdullah Sultan, Saudi football player Abdullah Otayf ...

His character :

In his childhood, Abdullah places his parents on a pedestal. His choices are strongly influenced by the opinions of his relatives. Be sure to show him a good example, because Abdullah is very receptive. He spends his time reproducing the actions of his entourage. Respectful, Abdullah will never act against his family. In addition, it will reach maturity very early.

From his childhood, Abdoullah is distinguished by its balanced character. Generous, he does not hesitate to pass the happiness of his loved ones before his. Sensitive, but no less fearless, Abdullah shows exemplary courage and a disconcerting force of determination. His sense of sharing and responsibilities drives him to join many associations.


Abdelkader, Abdel, Abdelaziz, Abdallah, Abdellatif, Abdullah, Abdellah, Abd Allah ...

His party :


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