Name Adrianne - Meaning and origin

Name Adrianne - Meaning and origin

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Adrianne is a feminine given name derived from Adrien. It comes from the Greek "Adria" or "Adrianos" which means "from the city of Adria". Adria is a town in Veneto that gave its name to the Adriatic Sea.


American actress Adrianne Palicki (Smallville, Miami Experts, Wonder Woman) and American supermodel Adrianne Curry.
The ex-model, host and actress Adriana Karembeu, whose real name is Adriana Sklenaříková.
What beauty ... a nice choice for your princess.

Adrianne has for patron saint Adrien. St. Adrian was arrested during the persecutions of Emperor Maximian and tortured in 306. He is the patron of prison guards.

His character :

With a strong personality, Adrianne knows what they want ... and let it know. Optimistic, they are calm and pleasant nature. Persuasive, creative and not appreciating solitude, they have the necessary assets to devote themselves to the business of communication.


Adriana, Adrianne, Adrian, Adriano

His party :

The Adrianne are celebrated on September 8 with Adrien

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