Name Aidan - Meaning and origin

Name Aidan - Meaning and origin

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One of the origins of the name Aidan comes from the Irish Gaelic "Aodan", meaning "little fire". This name also has a Latin root with the word "adjutare" which means "help".


Among the famous Aidan, there are two Irish actors: Aidan Gillen, known for his role as Petyr Baelish in the hit series "Game of Thrones", and Aidan Turner, known for his interpretation of the dwarf Kili in the trilogy "Hobbit".
Another American actor also bears the name of Aidan: Aidan Quinn, aka Captain Tobias Gregson in Elementary.

A future actor, your wonder?

Aidan de Lindisfarne, also known as Saint Aidan or Áedán, an Irish missionary monk, was the founder of the Lindisfarne Monastery. He was seen as the guarantor of the return to Christendom of Northumbria, a region of northern England.

His character :

Aidan are often complex people. Quite introverted, they are quick-witted, curious and critical. They are also very sociable and warm ... This name tempts you?


Aodhan, Aedan, Aiden, Edan

His party :

The Aidan are celebrated on August 31

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