Name Aimy - Meaning and origin

Name Aimy - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

In the Germanic language, "Aimy" means "worker".


No Aimy, but Amy known ... The American singer Amy Winehouse, the American psychologist Amy Joy Casselberry Cuddy and American actresses Amy Lou Adams and Amy Frederica Brenneman.

His character :

Aimy has an impulsive personality. Passionate and exciting, she nevertheless has a balanced character. Worker, she does not hesitate to make every effort to succeed effectively what she undertakes. Despite her discretion, she has great self-confidence and can not be easily influenced by others. She has an intuition that allows her to judge people accurately and quickly assess the situations she faces.
Rather emotional and affectionate, Aimy is very sociable. She likes to be surrounded by men as well as women.
Aimy does not hesitate to persevere in everything she does. It is therefore necessary that she engage in many activities to flourish. The larger the project, the more it is stimulated. Loving comfort, she finds a certain balance in her own family. His vitality is also his strength, which allows him to rarely have health problems.


Aimee, Amy, Ayma, Aima and Aimie.

His party :

The Aimy are in the spotlight on April 19th.

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