Name Alise - Meaning and origin

Name Alise - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Germanic, Originals, Rare

Meaning of the name:

Alise is a name of Germanic origin and means "noble fighter".


Celebrities such as BMX American BMX rider Alise Post. There is also Alise Oken, an American riding champion.

His character :

Alise is a sensitive, kind and wise girl who likes to please. Particularly wanting to please her parents, she sometimes has a tendency to forget herself. Secret and reserved, it often seems enigmatic, which accentuates its natural charm. This little girl with big eyes full of innocence and shyness will melt anyone! It is not uncommon that Alise is the favorite of her teachers, she is so cute and conciliatory. When it is described, it is hard to say bad things. For all, she is the adorable little girl model, kind, touching and talented in class. However, Alise's personality does not stop with her desire to please. Armed with a good inner strength, she naturally exercises her influence over her little friends. Changing at all when she has an idea in mind, this little girl can become stubborn. When she really wants something, it's pretty hard to change her mind because she has a lot of will.


Alice, Alysse, Alesia, Alicia, Alissa, Melissa, Elise, Lise, Lisa and Alesia are variants of the first name Alise.

His party :

Alise is celebrated on September 7th with the Queens, in honor of Alise-Sainte-Reine. This young virgin was decapitated for refusing the advances of an important man, preferring to devote her life to God.

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