The small shoot that grows

The small shoot that grows

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Before Joseph, a little sprout has just come out of the ground. Very small and even useless, it could be ripped off like a weed. And yet ... This beautiful story is full of sweetness and freshness. She tells how a little sprout that Joseph thought was tearing grows up and becomes a beautiful tree. And how this tree comes to offer him fruit, shade, and shelter. It is easy to imagine that the child can project into the small shoot. He too is small, he also grows up ... and becomes necessary and very useful to others!

This video story is from the collection "Beautiful stories of toddlers" edited by Bayard Jeunesse. This collection offers young children their first "real" books. This successful collection exists in magazine, audiobooks, and videos. These are stories for today's children and become their classics, because they are well-told, well-illustrated, and on media perfectly adapted to their age.

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