Name Aude - Meaning and origin

Name Aude - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Short, French, Germanic, Scandinavian

Meaning of the name:

The first name Aude comes from German ald meaning "old". Since the fifth century, it is a very common baptismal name from Scandinavia to Iceland.


Auda, daughter of Icelandic king Ivar Vidfamme.

Aude Lancelin, journalist.

Aude Thirion, actress.

Aude Samama, cartoonist.

Sainte Aude was the companion of St. Genevieve in the sixth century.

His character :

Enthusiastic, Aude loves action and finds happiness. When she has an idea in mind, she puts her heart to work. Loving to discuss, she will love to debate with her parents from a young age. Aude will take great pleasure in exchanging ideas with those around her. However, she will defend her with anger and will stick to it. This behavior reflects its tenacious and determined nature.

Warm with her family, she can be remote from strangers. It does take time to fully trust, because it deserves. Fine observer, she feels the reliability of a person by observing. Frankly, Aude always says what she thinks, at the risk of shocking those around her. For her, only the truth matters. A true fighter, Aude will always persevere at each of his apprenticeships. This will coupled with ambition predestines for success. She will invest herself wholeheartedly to realize her dreams.


Alda, Aldilon, Aud and Auda are all variants of Aude.

His party :

November 18th is dedicated to Aude.

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