Name Awen - Meaning of thumbs

Name Awen - Meaning of thumbs

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Origin of first name:

Celts, Latins

Meaning of the name:

This charming masculine name means "beautiful", "elegant" or "noble" according to its Celtic etymological roots. Its Latin meaning refers to old-world hospitality, namely "welcome" or "welcome".


Awen is a fictional character from the video game on PC Hel Munster.
Awen Delaval is a French creator of lotus fabrics who has created a fair trade cooperative called "Samatoa" in Cambodia.
Owen Wilson is an American actor, producer and screenwriter from Dallas. Thanks to his sense of humor on screen, he is part of the Hollywood Frat Pack.

His character :

In his life, Awen relies heavily on his intelligence. It is easily recognizable through its equivocal character. It seems so difficult to apprehend for those around him. Indeed, his family misunderstands the operation of the fundamentals of his thought. In everyday life, Awen adopts a discreet and reserved attitude. However, his cautious behavior does not prevent him from believing in his abilities. On the contrary, Awen has great self-confidence. He is thus very interested in intellectual fields related to science, art and aesthetics. Making discoveries allows him to feed his impression of superiority over others. Thus, he loves to spend long moments of reflection to try to understand the functioning of the world.
Awen also likes to debate topics that fascinate him. This kind of discussion gives him an opportunity to come up with strong arguments to explain his vision in relation to a defined topic. On the other hand, the native has a great intuition on which he can rely. In society, Awen often behaves proudly while remaining inflexible on his positions. It appears to be difficult to live in the eyes of those around him, despite his sense of friendship and loyalty very developed.


Owen, Aiwen, Awin, Awyn, Aven and Avden.

His party :

No holiday day known for Awen.

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