Name Benedetto - Meaning of thumbs

Name Benedetto - Meaning of thumbs

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Origin of first name:

Italians, Latin

Meaning of the name:

The name Benedetto is the Italian form of Benedict. It is derived from the Latin name Benedictus which means "blessed".


Benedetto Croce is a philosopher, historian, writer and Italian politician. He founded the Italian Liberal Party.
Benedetto Giacomo Marcello was a composer of Italian origin.
Benedetto Antelami was an Italian architect and sculptor.
Benedetto Zaccaria was a Genoese navigator who lived in the Middle Ages.
Benedetto Odescalchi is the true name of Pope Innocent XI.

The Benedetto are celebrated the same day as Saint Benedict. Benoit de Nursie is known to be the founder of the Benedictine order. He also inspired Western monasticism after this period.

His character :

Benedetto is a friendly, warm and sociable boy. His ease of expression and communication makes him friendly from the first meeting. Seductive, he likes to look after his appearance to be sure of the effect on others. Flexible and dexterous in his actions as in the words he uses, Benedetto shows a particular grace when he expresses himself. He also has a certain lack of confidence and a great timidity. Hyperemotivity is Benedetto's weak point. For it to flourish fully, it is important that it lives in a stable and secure environment.


Benedict, Benedict, Benedicto, Benoist and Benedictus.

His party :

The Benedetto are celebrated on July 11th.

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