Name Britney - Meaning of thumbs and names

Name Britney - Meaning of thumbs and names

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Britney is a name of English origin. It derives from the name Brittany which is the name of Brittany in English. It is from the twentieth century that this name that takes different forms is spreading in the United States.


American pop singer Britney Spears (real name Britney Jean Spears), American basketball player Brittney Griner, American athlete Brittney Reese ...

His character :

Kind and helpful, Britney feels the need to please and be loved. She likes to look after her appearance, but refuses to comply with the trend of the moment. Original, charming and seductive, she refuses routine and constraints, appreciates changes and travels.
Impatient and idealistic, she carries out each of her tasks in the interest of quality.


Brittany, Brithney, Brittney, Britnee

His party :

No feast date known.

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