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Santa's apprentice

Santa's apprentice

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The movies, he loves. And talk about Santa, he does not get tired. So think, a tender and colorful story about this good old gentleman with a white beard ... Success assured from 3 years.

What is this apprentice Santa Claus story?

  • That of a very very old Santa who must retire. But finding a replacement is not easy. The chosen one must be a little boy with a pure heart named Nicolas. At the other end of the world is a young orphan who meets all these criteria ... Except that this future apprentice doubts a lot of him.

What your little one will love

  • Talk again and again about Santa Claus with his good old white beard, his toys, his sledges! Dream and hope with this swarm of kids from the orphanage.
  • Graphics of this soft film is colorful, happy and quality (not as much anyway Kerity and the house of tales of the same creators).
  • But if this Christmas movie is ideal for children from 3 years, the plot of the story is not very original.
  • By L. Vinciguerra, Gaumont, 1:20.
  • Where to find it?

Agnes Barboux

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