Name Ceylan - Meaning and origin

Name Ceylan - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Arabs, Sanskrit

Meaning of the name:

In the Turkish language, the name Ceylon is the modern name of Sri Lanka.


There is no celebrity named Ceylan.

His character :

Ceylon is a thoughtful and intelligent boy. Intuitive and understanding, he is always good advice when one of his relatives has problems. Being attentive and listening, he is considered the ideal confidant. He can quickly understand the worries or situations of his interlocutor, which allows him to find a suitable solution. Conscientious, Ceylon is not easily overflowed. No matter what situation he faces, he always keeps calm and lucidity. Organized and scrupulous, he takes great care of his work, to the point that others often take him for a maniac. Ceylon is a boy who gives a great place to friendship. Always present when we need him, he is never short of others. As a man of his word, he makes it a point of honor to keep his promises. Once an agreement is made with him, he will never come back to the terms of the contract. Ceylon is a being that radiates sweetness and kindness. Being enamored with righteousness, he hates any form of injustice, lying or flattery. Very generous, he likes to participate in social or humanitarian activities in order to help others and to make the planet a better and just world for everyone. Quiet and thoughtful, Ceylon is always looking for peace and harmony around him. His need for balance often pushes him to make his environment live in peace.


There is no derivation with the name Ceylan.

His party :

There is no holiday for people named Ceylan.

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