Name Claus - Meaning and origin

Name Claus - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Short, Germanic

Meaning of the name:

Variation of Klaus, Claus is the short Germanic form of Nicolas. This name comes from two Greek terms niké and Laos meaning "victory" and "people".


Claus Sluter (1350-1406), sculptor of Dutch origin and considered the master of Burgundy sculpture, and Claus van de Werwe (1368-1439), nephew of Sluter and sculptor like him.

Claus has as patron saint the bishop of Myre Nicolas. He was born in Asia Minor around 270 and was elected Bishop of Myre, Turkey. In 325, he participated in the 1st Ecumenical Council of Nicaea and suffered persecution from Diocletian. Imprisoned, he died on December 6, 350. In the eleventh century, his relics were transferred to Italy, thus advancing the advance of Islam. The legend made him a very popular saint, since he even replaced Santa Claus.

His character :

Dreaming of a perfect world, Claus is characterized by his idealism and visionary nature. Even small, he will be able to mount projects and will put heart to work to achieve them. If this is not always the case, it is necessary nevertheless to encourage its enterprising side which will enable it to surpass itself and to blossom in the future. Proud and ambitious, he hates mediocrity and far prefers greatness and noble challenges.

He sees far and everything in XXL: wide and big! The reason is simple, for Claus the greatness of a being corresponds to the importance of his achievements and the nobility of his ideals. Dynamic, he is one of those undertaking several actions at once. Putting his sense of friendship in the spotlight, Claus is a reliable friend and pleasant company. Sociable and communicative, he nevertheless appreciates solitude and tranquility.


Klaus is the most famous variant of Claus.

His party :

Claus is celebrating December 6th

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