Name Clayton - Meaning of Children

Name Clayton - Meaning of Children

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Clayton is a name that derives from an English surname meaning "clay regulation". This last name is taken from the name of an English territory.


Actor Clayton Rohner, singer Clayton Hamilton, musician Clayton Joseph Chenier, singer David Clayton Thomas, politician Adam Clayton Powell, consultant and professor Clayton M. Christensen, baseball players Clayton Mortensen and Clayton Kershaw.

Clayton being a typical Anglo-Saxon name, he has as patron saint the protector of England, Saint George. St. George of Lydda is a knight and a Christian martyr of the fourth century. Legend has it that he slain a dragon with his spear. By this action he converts the city of Silenus. During the persecution of Christians, he was captured and then beheaded.

His character :

Clayton has personality to spare. He has a charisma that makes him sociable and pleasant. Apparently casual, Clayton is actually a determined and serious person. He tends to want to control people. Far from being arrogant or proud, he is always attentive to the needs of his people. Independent and original, he knows how to have fun without losing sight of his objectives. He is mediocre in fields that do not interest him and appears as a true genius in the subjects that fascinate him.

Clayton has a certain sense of humor that will be welcome in the most embarrassing situations.


Claiton, Claton, Cleaton, Clayden

His party :

The Clayton are celebrated on April 23rd.

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