Name Corantin - Meaning and origin

Name Corantin - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Celts, French

Meaning of the name:

In its Irish origin, Corantin is derived from the word cobair resulting in "relief". By its Celtic etymology, this name is inspired by the Korventenn term designating a "hurricane".


No celebrities named Corantin, your little prince perhaps?

Saint Corentin, bishop of Quimper, lived in the fifth century. Leading a hermit's life, he distinguished himself by his faith and holiness. He founded a monastery in his hometown, in Cornwall, where he was ordained a bishop. Known for his many miracles, Saint Corentin died on December 12, 401.

His character :

Possessing a strong personality, Corantin can not be easily influenced. He tends to impose his views, without any effort. Intuitive and intelligent, he recognizes the good opportunities and the opportune moments to act or not. His sense of observation also helps him in all his projects. Dynamic and voluntary, he never hesitates to take up challenges. Neither failures nor obstacles discourage him. Endowed with an innate sense of justice, Corantin fights to defend the cause of the weak and the poor. Philanthropist, he helps his neighbor in all humility. He also has a strong sense of duty and responsibility, making him an exemplary and protective elder. Small, Corantin is an impatient strand. He will have to learn to wait and understand that the results are not always immediate. His loyalty and sincerity are already apparent and friends are easy to make.


Corentin, Corentinus, Corentino, Kaoun, Kaourentin, Corenthin, Corentyn, Korentin, Quorentin and Kaoun.

His party :

Corantin is honored on December 12th.

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