Name Dara - Meaning of the origin

Name Dara - Meaning of the origin

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Origin of first name:

Celts, Hebrews, Latins

Meaning of the name:

In Cambodian, the name Dara means "star". In the Celtic language, it means "oak". In Latin, it comes from the word "dare" and means "to give". This name also comes from the Hebrew word "dar" which means "mother of pearl" or "pearl of wisdom".


Dara Singh was an Indian wrestler, actor, director, producer and politician.
Dara Khosrowshahi is a businessman of Iranian-American origin.
André Darricau, better known as Darry Cowl, is a French musician and comedian.

His character :

Dara is an introverted and reserved boy who does everything to protect himself from the world. Shy and reserved, he does not easily trust. When he has to choose friends or relationships, he is elitist. Loving solitude, this thoughtful and spiritual boy often appears worried and pessimistic. Being naturally suspicious, he constantly needs reassurance to feel at ease. Although he does not speak much, Dara is very serious. Reliable and straight, you can always count on him, no matter the situation. Very attentive to others, he is sensitive, affectionate and tender. This aspect of his personality often pushes him to protect himself from others and to seek peace and security on all occasions. To avoid being hurt, Dara takes pleasure in a well-organized life that tends to routine and is often monotonous. This erased attitude allows him to live in his little world where nothing can reach him and where he feels really comfortable.


Dari, Dary and Darry.

His party :

The Dara are celebrated on October 25th.

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