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Routine, babies love it!

Routine, babies love it!

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Routine is baby's friend, did you know? Cuddles, meals and dodos at fixed times ... for your toddler, monotony rhymes with security and he feels good when his daily life is predictable. Enjoy!

A routine, what for?

  • For your baby, a frame where his needs are linked together such as sleeping, eating, to be changed, to cuddle and play, is necessary from its first days. The clearer the structure, the safer and more confident your child is in his world. A few days after his birth, he is already starting to spot his environment. He seeks to establish cause-and-effect links and creates expectations about how those around him work.

A beneficial routine for him and for you

  • If your baby has a routine in placehe will not need to spend his energy to order his universe and will be able to put it at the service of his intellectual development. On a known terrain, your toddler will be more confident and enter a state of deep harmony, the ideal base for new perceptions and creativity.
  • You too will live it better because if your child knows his habitshe will sleep better, and more often at fixed times, which will allow you to enjoy it.
  • How to organize your baby's daily life and at the same time, yours? The first days, watch your child well. You will see in a short time, according to the tone of his voice and the intensity of his tears, whether he is tired, hungry, or bored. Once you have determined what time your baby prefers to eat, chill the rest of the day. You will then be able to set up a routine that your baby will recognize.

Routine nap time

  • When your baby needs to sleep, lower the shade, turn on your mobile and make sure that he always falls asleep in the same way. But respect the order you have chosen. After a few days, he will have learned that when "the blind gets down" you have to sleep.
  • Good to know : Your baby may need some help to learn how to distinguish the day of the night. When napping during the day, do not close the shutters completely and leave the door ajar. Conversely at night, if you change it, make sure everything stays calm. He will learn the day-night rhythm.

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