Darrel Meaning - Origin and Names

Darrel Meaning - Origin and Names

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Meaning of the name:

Darrel is an English name given from the term dear, meaning "dear" or "loved".


The American football player, Darrel Jackson.

American musician Darrel Scott.

The American guitarist and founding member of Pantera and Damageplan groups, Darrel Abbott (1966-2004).

His character :

Darrel is a very calm person, but he is perfectly sociable. Imperturbable in all circumstances, he is master of every situation. Without any haste, he is able to find a solution to every difficulty. In perfect harmony with his entourage, Darrel is distinguished by his sympathy. He does not try to stand out, but remains very open to others. Giving a lot of credit to his intuition, he usually relies on his flair which is a source of confidence. Darrel attaches tremendous importance to friendship and fraternity.


The first names derived from Darrell are Darell, Darel and Darrel.

His party :

No party for Darrel.

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