The delivery room, how is it?

The delivery room, how is it?

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The birth of your child is fast approaching and you are looking forward to it. To make you wait, Myriam Gros, midwife at the hospital of Thonon-les-Bains gives you the picture of this particular place where will take place this meeting at the top: the delivery room.

Small guided tour of the delivery room

In order to familiarize you with the place where you will give birth to your child, Myriam Gros, midwife lists the elements that are in the delivery room:

  • The delivery bed: it is removable and removable so that it can adapt to all positions including the one you deem most comfortable.
  • The mobilization balloons of the basin: these are big hard balloons on which you can sit if you feel the need to move. They promote the descent of your baby.
  • The operating light: this large central and specific lighting of the medical world, produces a particular light to allow the midwife to see better, if she needs to suture the perineum for example. It is not necessarily lit. The filtered light is more and more preferred during the delivery.
  • Monitoring: this machine will control your baby's heart rate and the intensity of your contractions.
  • The scope: another monitor that is used to check your blood pressure, oxygen saturation and heartbeat.
  • The welcome table: it is here that after spending a long time warm against your skin, your baby will be examined, weighed, measured. It is there that he will pass his first complete medical examination and his battery of routine neurological tests. This table is equipped with a heating ramp, to keep your little one warm. It is also equipped with equipment dedicated to the supply of oxygen, if your baby needed it.
  • The sink : indispensable for washing all hands.
  • Different rolling trolleys with materials: they include either the epidural anesthesia pack, or the delivery pack with gloves, masks, and all the utensils (infusions, blood tests, ...) necessary for the smooth running of your delivery.
  • A chair : is usually provided for the person accompanying you. You can eventually bring your music. While most delivery rooms are still tiled, the newer ones offer a warmer decor (lino, wall frescoes).

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