Name Don - Meaning and origin

Name Don - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

Don was the name of an ancient and powerful Celtic governor. It symbolizes generosity.


Don Adams is an American actor, screenwriter, director and producer. He is known to the general public for his portrayal of Agent 86 in the television series Max the Menace.
Don Johnson is an American actor, producer, director and singer from Missouri. His role in the Two Cops in Miami series has greatly contributed to his notoriety.
Don King, whose real name is Donald King, is a professional boxing promoter from Cleveland. He is the organizer of the fight "The Rumble in the jungle" which took place in Zaire.
Don Camillo is a fictional character created in 1948 by Italian humorist and cartoonist Giovannino Guareschi.

His character :

An educated and intelligent man, Don knows how to use his charms to seduce women. He is very dynamic and open to communication. Despite his extrovert character, Don opens only to people he has full confidence in. As a couple, he likes to spice things up and completely refutes the routine. Both possessive and protective, Don excludes all forms of concession in his love life. Thus, he is looking for a woman who adheres perfectly to his opinions and beliefs. Because of his desire to possess, Don can also be attracted by new conquests. His thirst for discovery is entirely part of his personality. Thus, this inveterate charmer will have a hard time getting fixed. He is in perpetual quest for the soul mate.


Dohn, Doni, Dony, Donny, Don, Donald, Donal, Dolio and Dorio.

His party :

The Don are honored on July 15th.

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