Name Dwayne - Meaning and origin

Name Dwayne - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

Dwayne is a male given name of Irish origin.

An English variant of Irish Duane, Dwayne means "small, brown".


Dwayne Wade, famous and charismatic American basketball player.

Dwayne Johnson, American-Canadian actor.

Dwayne Bowe, Cleveland Browns American footballer.

His character :

Hyperactive and dynamic, Dwayne is an enterprising little boy. Bursting with energy and creativity, he is teeming with projects from an early age. Friendly and a born leader, Dwayne seeks the company of others to share her joie de vivre and her legendary spirit. Fast and intelligent, Dwayne does not realize that others are unable to do as he does. So he pushes them to give the best of themselves.

Conqueror and stimulated by difficulty, Dwayne thinks that everything is possible for anyone who believes. With boundless curiosity, he is interested in everything. By trying to get around what interests him, Dwayne is rarely bored. Adoring traveling from his childhood, Dwayne will love his life as a succession of departures and arrivals, because he hates routine. Moving from one discovery to another flourishes more than anyone else. Adaptable, he easily finds happiness in each new situation.


Doan, Dwan, Dwayn and Duane are all variants of Dwayne.

His party :

No feast date known.

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