Name Edis - Meaning of origin

Name Edis - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

There is no meaning known to the name Edis.


Edis Manières, better known as the Edis scene, is a singer of Turkish origin, a songwriter and actor.
Edis Tatli is a Finnish boxer.

His character :

Edis is a sweet and sensitive boy who overflows with confidence in him. Knowing his limits perfectly, he knows where and when to stop when he undertakes a task. Intelligent and practical, he is able to evaluate a situation in seconds and find a suitable solution. This open-minded person likes to chat and exchange with those around him. Very communicative, he has great facilities for languages ​​and extraordinary speaking skills. Moreover, he does not hesitate to use it if necessary. Edis hates all forms of precipitation. Although he is not an introvert, he gives himself a long moment of reflection before making any decision. Weighing all the risks and benefits of a decision before acting, he does not trust his instinct. However, once he is sure of his choice, it is impossible to distract Edis from his decision or the path he has chosen. Strangely materialistic, he makes every effort to ensure his small comfort. As she likes to please and seduce, Edis takes great care of herself. He is an almost coquettish being, so much so that his dress, his manners and his physique are perfect. By not being entitled to a minimum of comfort, he will not feel comfortable.


There is no derivative name Edis.

His party :

There is no party for people with the first name Edis.

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