Name Elane - Meaning of the Name

Name Elane - Meaning of the Name

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Origin of first name:

French, Greeks, Originals, Rare

Meaning of the name:

The Greek name Elane is a derivative of Helen. It means "sun burst".


Still no known celebrity. Your little princess may be?

Born in 249 in Turkey, Helene was the lover of the tribune Constance Chlore, who became Caesar before sending her away. She had a son named Constantine who, when she became Emperor in 325, appointed her Empress. She favored Christianity after converting.

His character :

From an early age, Elane has a strong taste for independence. Ensconced in discoveries, she shows a penchant for research that should be encouraged. Curious by nature, she likes to observe things in order to discover their deep meaning. She is particularly open-minded. She is a child who will have to be accompanied and assisted, because she questions herself a lot about the meaning of things.

As an adult, she will be distinguished by her vivacity of mind, ambition and interpersonal skills.


Aileen, Alaina, Alenka, Aleyna, Elaura, Eleana, Elene, Elyne, Helen, Helena, Ilona, ​​Jelena, Laina, Lana, Leina, Lena, Nelie, Nella, Noreen, Ornella, Ylena ...

His party :

The Elanes are in the spotlight on August 18th.

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