Elfy pronunciation - Meaning of origin

Elfy pronunciation - Meaning of origin

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Meaning of the name:

The name Elfy comes from the Germanic words "adal" which means "noble" and "frido" which means "peace", or "aelf" which means "elfe" and "raed" which means "advice". It is a derivative of Elfleda and Elfriede.


Elfie Astier is a French singer, an actress and a TV host.
Elfride Vipont or Elfrida Vipont of her real name was an author of children's books of British origin.
Elfriede Jelinek is a woman of letters of Austrian origin.
Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter.
Frida Boccara is a singer of French origin.

His character :

Elfy is a dynamic and strong girl who is not afraid to roll up her sleeves to get what she wants. Voluntary and determined, she does not hesitate to devote herself entirely to a task she has decided to undertake. Often stubborn, she does not easily accept her wrongs, and it is very difficult to reason or change her mind once she has made a decision. Enthusiastic and full of life, Elfy is a real ray of sunshine for those around her. Possessing great speech skills and a sense of humor unpayable, this girl is a real teaser. She is able to defuse the most complicated situations thanks to her great intelligence and remarkable finesse of mind. Honest and honest, Elfy often says what she thinks without worrying about what will be said. Scrupulous and meticulous, it is a point of honor to finish as clearly and as quickly as possible the tasks entrusted to it. Detesting any form of superficiality or pretense, it is dedicated to the essentials.


Elfi, Elfie, Elfleda, Elfrida, Elfride, Elfriede, Elfrid and Frida.

His party :

The Elfy are celebrated on October 23rd.

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