Name Elisheva - Meaning of origin

Name Elisheva - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

In Hebrew, Elisheva means "the one who grasps, the one who seizes" or "my God is an oath".


There is no famous Elisheva at the moment. However, there are several celebrities who bear the name of Elisabeth such as Elizabeth Moss, the American actress who plays in the Mad Men series, and Elisabeth Olsen, the American actress.

His character :

Elisheva has the gift of surprising by the passion that drives her. She usually follows her instinct, and this one pushes her to make decisions and to go to the end of her projects. A bit reckless, she is not afraid of danger and will always show courage. During her childhood, Elisheva will be among those who will not be afraid to answer the questions of the teacher even if it is a bad answer. The important thing for her is to participate and try!


Elishevah, Elishewa, Elicheva, Elicheba, Elisabeth, Elishiba, Elishica, Elishila, Elishita, Elisiana, Elisiane, Elizaveta, Isabella, Ysabelle, Ysabel, Lisa, Lizzy, Liz, Elisa, Elise, Elikapeka, Lisebeth

His party :

Equivalent of Elizabeth in Hebrew, Elisheva is celebrated on the same date as St. Elizabeth on November 5.

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