Name Elmina - Meaning and origin

Name Elmina - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Elmina means "the one who decides, the one who decides" in Danish.


No celebrity behind the name Elmina. We find Wilhelmina Cooper (1939-1980), a supermodel from the Netherlands.

His character :

Overflowing with life, Elmina is a little firefly that twirls in all directions. From a very young age, she does not hold up. She develops a deep desire to do things because she does not want to be bored. Elmina lives life to the fullest and does not lack resources to realize all her dreams. As a little girl, Elmina wants to discover everything and learn everything. It is thanks to this thirst for knowledge that she will succeed in shining in her studies. Very cheerful and active, Elmina will always surprise those around her with her quirky ideas that are out of the ordinary. She is one of those who one day teaches you that she wants to do the unicycle, start a hairdressing course at the same time as her law studies or even buy a camel. In search of thrills, Elmina will live at a frantic pace that will allow her to bloom like a beautiful flower.


Wilhelmina, Mina, Elmine, Elmini, Elmino, Elmiss, Elmita, Elmiyo, Elminah, Elminas, Elminaz, Elmius, Elmizi, Elmlea, Elmiya, Elmley, Elmisa, Amina, Amirah ...

His party :

Elmina is celebrated on January 10 with Saint William.

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