Name Elmire - Meaning and origin

Name Elmire - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Arabs, Germanic

Meaning of the name:

According to its Arabic origin, the female name "Elmire" means "Princess" or "Determined Princess".
Considered as the female variant of the Germanic name "Elmer", "Elmire" translates more or less by "illustrious helmet" or "mythical / legendary protection".


Elmire Vautier (1897-1954), French actress on screen between 1910 and the 1940s.
In France and in literature, the name "Elmire" especially reminds of the wife of Orgon and the mother-in-law of Mariane in "The Tartuffe" of Molière.
The supermodel of Russian and Kazakh origin Elmira Abdrazakova, best known as Miss Russia 2013.

His character :

Endowed with a soft and comforting aura, Elmire is an endearing and radiant woman, able to illuminate the room just by its presence. She is more than attractive, spreading calm, love and harmony around her. This woman of unparalleled sweetness manages to bring a sense of peace and balance to those around her. Thanks to her natural attitude, she is appreciated by others from the first meeting and is invaluable for her friends. In society, Elmire tries to put all the assets on his side and is ready to make considerable efforts to please others. With this in mind, she strives to remain kind, conciliatory and helpful although she is not necessarily in the mood to exchange courtesies.

Meticulous and somewhat perfectionist, Elmire always assumes her responsibilities whether in the professional or personal environment. However, this aspect of her personality sometimes leads her to put pressure on herself and bear the weight of imaginary obligations. Intuitive and attentive, Elmire has a highly developed creative spirit and can thus be an important success in the world of art. To succeed in her education, the parents of this charming child will have to maintain her natural qualities and rectify her faults without rushing her. It will especially avoid guilt or blame too much ... She does it very well alone. You will also need to think about encouraging her from time to time for her academic achievements or other achievements to help her become less severe with herself.


Elmira and Edelmire.

His party :

No specific day is dedicated to the Elmire for now.

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