Name Eneko - Meaning of origin

Name Eneko - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

This masculine name of regional style probably derives from the old Basque name "Ennecus" which means "to me". Some see it as a version of the name Ignace.


Eneko Arista, or Eneko Aritza, was the first king of the Vascones of Pamplona. He lived between 824 and 851.
Eneko Atxa is a Spanish chef, Spanish champion of cooking in the young category.
Eneko Llanos is a professional triathlete, winner of the World Long Distance Championship, born November 30, 1976.
Eneko Boveda is a professional Spanish football player from Bilbao who began his career in 2006.
Eneko Capilla is a professional footballer playing in the Spanish league at Real Sociedad.
Eneko Hiriart is a researcher in archeology, ethnology and prehistory who won the Gustave-de-Clausade prize in March 2015.

His character :

Passionate by nature, Eneko is very active in her life. He is always excited about starting a project. Because of his enormous store of energy, he is unable to remain static and constantly needs action to be able to fully flourish. He regularly surprises his entourage by his intense activity. Eneko has a leadership profile and naturally takes responsibility when the course of events pushes him to act. He is very attached to his freedom and constantly in search of discoveries.


Euneko, Eneka, Enek and Euneka.

His party :

The Eneko are honored on November 1st.

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