Names Espérance - Meaning and origin

Names Espérance - Meaning and origin

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The feminine name Espérance has its origin in Latin sperare which means "to hope". With Faith and Charity, Hope is one of the three theological virtues. This common name in the East is still rare in Europe.


The American oncologist Elise l'Esperance who won the Lasker Prize in 1951 through his various work on the prevention and detection of several types of cancer. Esperanza is the name of a girl whose singer Enrique Iglesias apologizes for one of his songs. In this title, Esperanza embodies a girl with a heart of gold that is full of love and passion. Wounded and disappointed, she would have buried herself in a world of loneliness.

Holy Hope was a virgin who died as a martyr in the fourth century. Before being transferred to the Church of Santa Sabina in Rome, the relics of Saint Espérance were kept for a long time at Saint Frodobert Monastery.

His character :

With a serene air marked by strength and tranquility, Esperance displays a reserved, cold and sometimes uncompromising. She reserves her tenderness and kindness to her family. Very ambitious and determined to succeed by all means, Hope is passionate in all areas, love included!


Esperanza, Esperanza, Speranza, Exuperance.

His party :

Hope is celebrated on April 26th.

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