Name Estrella - Meaning and origin

Name Estrella - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Spanish, Latin

Meaning of the name:

Very popular in the Spanish-speaking world, the female name "Estrella" comes from the Latin "stella" meaning "star".


Spanish singers Estrella Maria Benzo Blas and Estrella Morente.
Estrella Moreno, world-renowned flamenco dancer.
Professional tennis player Estrella Cabeza Candela.

His character :

Although she seems distant and reserved, Estrella is a sociable person who really enjoys exchanges and human contact. She is often on the defensive because she values ​​friendship. Therefore, it is very strict in the choice of his associates. Because of her rather reserved temperament, Estrella exudes a remarkable refinement and distinction. Driven by her dynamism and initiative, she is very enterprising and has a great need to assert herself. This active woman, however, shows regular decreases in rhythm because of her uncertainties and her anxious side. However, in the face of adversity, she manages to stay strong and takes her courage in both hands to assume his responsibilities. She is thus a more reliable ally in the face of the difficulties of life. When confronting problems, she becomes an entirely different person and even surprises her family.

Sensitive and disorderly, Estrella experiences fairly fast and regular mood changes. In this way she alternately displays the airs of an extroverted, sociable and enthusiastic woman, then those of an introvert who refuses any contact with others. Driven by her curiosity, she asks a lot of questions from an early age and is interested in eclectic fields. The parents of little Estrella must thus take advantage of its different qualities to help it come true. To do this, you have to give him responsibilities early to help him become independent. Moreover, this reserved girl needs to be jostled from time to time to prepare her to face the trials of life.


Estella, Essie, Stella, Estelle and Estie.

His party :

The Estrella are celebrated on October 14th.

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