Name Eunice - Meaning and origin

Name Eunice - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Composed of "eu" (good or fair) and "nike" (victory), the word "eunike" is commonly translated as "victorious" or "brilliant victory". The name "Eunice" is the Latinized form of this Greek term.
In Greek mythology, Eunike is one of the many sisters of Calypso and belongs to the Nereids.


The professional footballer of German origin Eunice Beckmann.
Eunice de Souza, poet, literary critic and novelist of Indian origin, particularly famous in the English-speaking world.
The American pianist Eunice Norton.
The French athlete of Sierra Leonean origin Eunice Barber. During the official championships, she participates mainly in the long jump and heptathlon events.

His character :

Courageous and dynamic, Eunice especially marks the spirits by its angry and authoritarian side. Unruly, this proud soul is rarely flexible. Although she manages to impose herself easily in life, this determined and frank woman is often brittle, even haughty. Endowed with a foolproof confidence, Eunice is guided by her ideas of greatness. It also attaches particular importance to the material good. This charismatic character has all the assets to become a ruthless businesswoman. However, his rough mind and his flagrant lack of discipline lead him to constantly disappoint himself. The parents of the little Eunice will have to teach him very early the sense of order and discipline to enable him to develop his full potential.

Because of his curiosity and his quick wit, Eunice tends to flutter according to his desires and his favorites. In addition, she loves change and constantly questions herself to avoid falling into monotony. Eunice most often tries to show the good sides of life to those around him. Therefore, for his good, his relatives will have to surround him continuously without being fooled by his enthusiastic air.


Eunices, Euniss, Eunike, Uniss and Unice.

His party :

There is no day dedicated to Eunice yet.

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