Name Faïrouz - Meaning and origin

Name Faïrouz - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

In the Arabic language, the name Faïrouz refers to turquoise, the precious stone.


Faïrouz Oudjida is an Algerian soprano.

His character :

Faïrouz is a tender and friendly girl. Emotional and sensitive, she needs to be surrounded to feel comfortable. She is often considered a phlegmatic, calm and gentle being. Lacking dynamism, she is not very enterprising and lacks singular willpower. With his mania to put everything back to tomorrow, Faïrouz can be considered as a lazy. Easily influenced, she depends heavily on those around her. It really shows motivation and dynamism only when it serves its interests. Once she has a well-defined goal in mind, she moves up a gear to reach it as soon as possible. However, the motivation that pushed her out of her usual apathy can disappear as quickly as she appeared. It then becomes indolent and begins to passively observe the course of life. Idealist, Faïrouz tends to live in the world of dreams. However, she does not let herself be imprisoned. Charming and kind, this excellent fellow is helpful and a fine psychologist when others need help or advice. The best way to get Faïrouz out of his apathy is to succeed in awakening his interest in social and humanitarian activities. Exploited as it should, its softness and its altruism will allow him to know a total blooming. However, before she gets there, she will have to struggle with her bad habits such as procrastination or daydreaming.



His party :

There is no party for people with the first name Faïrouz.

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