Name Fortunato - Meaning and origin

Name Fortunato - Meaning and origin

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The name Fortunato comes from the Latin word "fortuna" meaning "luck".


Fortunato Cerlino is an Italian actor known for his role in the American series Hannibal.
Fortunato Depero was an Italian painter belonging to the futuristic movement.
Fortunato Baliani is an Italian cyclist.
A member of the Benedictine Order, Fortunato Tamburini was an Italian cardinal of the 13th century.
Grand Penitentiary of the Catholic Church from 2009 to 2012, Fortunato was an Italian cardinal.
Fortunato Arena is an Italian actor.
Fortunato Ramos is an Argentine composer, poet, musician and writer.
Fortunato Yambao was a Filipino basketball player.
Fortunato Luis Pacavari is a professional canoeist of Angolan origin.
Fortunato Manca was an Italian boxer.
Missionary companion of St. Felix, Saint Fortunat was deacon founder of the Church of Valencia where he was martyred at the beginning of the 3rd century.

His character :

Reserved and secret, Fortunato is a character rather difficult to define. He gives the impression of being cold and insensitive, while he is actually cautious and timid. Endowed with unflinching optimism, this man always sees the bright side of things. His phlegmatic appearance hides a very active person. Thanks to his strong conviction, Fortunato is of exemplary efficiency. With a practical mind, he likes to simplify things.
Fortunato is a sensitive being who hides his fragility behind the mask of a serious and serious man. It is for this reason that it remains elusive in the eyes of others. Mysterious and attentive, he prefers to listen instead of revealing himself. He has a real sense of listening very appreciated by his relatives.


Fortunat and Fortunati.

His party :

The party dedicated to Fortunato is scheduled for April 23.

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