Facial self massage

Facial self massage

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Massage has divine effects on the body as it reconciles body and mind. So let go and give yourself as often as possible this parenthesis of well-being on your face. You will not regret it !

What benefits?

Facial self massage has the advantage of being easy to perform. Its virtues are numerous:

  • Promote blood circulation.
  • Stimulate the lymphatic network effectively responsible for eliminating "waste" from the body.
  • Regenerate the cells of the skin.
  • To reduce fatigue nervous and physical.

Good conditions

The ideal time to practice this self massage is the evening before bedtime to optimize its relaxing effect. Here is the sequence of your relaxation program:

  • Clean your face of all its impurities.
  • Choose a night cream or a specific oil for the face whose texture, quite oily, will facilitate the massage.
  • Take care of each area of ​​the face.

Key gestures

Effleurage, smoothing, light pressure, all the techniques are good to relax your face. The five basic steps:

  • Make large circular gestures with your fingertips going down along the neck.
  • Take each side of your chin between your thumb and other fingers with each hand and make small circular movements from inside to outside.
  • Lightly tap your fingertips all the way from the center to the outside.
  • Smooth each eyebrow, from the inside to the outside, with the index and middle finger of each hand, then make small circles on the eyebrows and temples.
  • Lightly press on your cheekbones with all your fingers, except the thumb, and make small circular gestures.

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