Name Frederica - Meaning and origin

Name Frederica - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Frederica is composed of "fried" meaning "protector" and "ric" for "powerful" or "rik" meaning "king".


FedericaBrignone is an Italian alpine skier, daughter of Alpine skiing champion Maria Rosa Quario.
FedericaMontsenyMañé is an intellectual and was Minister of Health between 1936 and 1937 in Spain.
FedericaMogherini is an Italian politician, member of the Democratic Party and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Renzi government.
FedericaPellegrini is an Italian swimmer.
St. Frederick was bishop at Utrecht.

His character :

Frederica is a wise and obedient girl, participating very little in social life. Shut up from an early age, she had a hard time exposing her ideas and feelings. This character trait manifests itself even more when it is in a group, for fear of being hurt. Solitary activities such as reading, writing, painting, drawing are a source of fulfillment for this secret being ... A woman of reflection, Frederica hides an uncompromising expression behind her soft facades. To alleviate her anxieties and lack of confidence, she needs to be supported by her family. In spite of its closed character, Frederica places great value on friendship. For her, the amissont valuable and nothing will make him betray a secret.

At the slightest treason, Fredericase folds on herself. Emotionally, she is very frail. Far from being brave, it is impossible for him to face the harsh reality of life. To approach it, the delicacy is in order. To succeed in the education of little Frederica, her parents will have to participate in group activities at a young age. She will be able to open up to others and protect herself from emotional shocks.


Frederic, Frederich, Federico, Fedder, Federigo, Freddy, Fredericus, Fredric, Freek, Frerich, Frerk, Frida, Fridichs, Friedl, Frigga, Frika and Rickel.

His party :

The Frederica are celebrated on July 18th.

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